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Major Kit- Hyplex Prime Direct Drive

California Prop 65 Warning
Part # 1-18976
Replaces # 050624-2

AccuStream's Hyplex Prime Major Kit is a direct replacement for Flow 050624-2

Kit Includes:

  • 6 o-rings -025
  • 3 o-rings -029
  • 6 o-rings -033
  • 3 u cup seals
  • 3 retaining rings 5/8
  • 3 spring 352 ID
  • 3 spring 362 ID
  • 3 rod seals
  • 3 springs 322 OD
  • 3 springs 336 ID
  • 3 check valve body
  • 3 dynamic seals
  • 3 filler tubes
  • 3 inlet poppets
  • 3 outlet poppet seats
  • 3 outlet poppet guides
  • 3 outlet poppets
  • 3 hp cylinders
  • 3 seal carrier assemblies
  • 1 PCV assembly
  • 3 plunger assemblies
  • 5 grams high vac grease

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For detailed installation instructions, check out AccuStream's how-to-guide for installing Hyplex Prime Major Kit

Manufacturer and Service:

AccuStream products are rigorously engineered to meet or exceed OEM quality and performance, and are backed by our technical support team available to help answer questions 1-866-566-7099 or tshelp@hypertherm.com 

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AccuStream Difference

It takes a team to develop and manufacture parts that meet
our high standards. Our team at AccuStream is made up
of 100% Associate owners in various roles providing our
customers with the premium water jet parts they have grown
to expect over the past 20 years.

Our highly experienced engineers design parts to meet or
exceed OEM performance and quality. Our in-house quality
team ensures that our parts meet our high standards of
component life and quality, and our technical service team
provides the expertise needed to help get you back up
and running. It is those things that differentiate us from our
competitors and allows us to be the leading supplier of water jet 
replacement parts and provide our customers with the best
products and service possible.

AccuStream’s value in premium consumable parts
is simple: high quality for your waterjet system,
more money in your pocket.
AccuStream offers premium replacements parts
for every major brand

  • BFT replacement parts
  • Flow replacement parts
  • Jet Edge replacement parts
  • KMT replacement parts
  • WSI replacement parts
  • High-pressure tubing and fittings
  • Custom tubing
  • Waterjet bricks

Check out the behind the scenes of AccuStream's 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Minnesota 


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Rockridge Abrasives
Abrasive Products
3131 N Franklin Rd, Ste D
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Phone: 800-428-4456
Email: office@abrasiveproducts.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
ABS Supply
15480 17th Ave NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone: 877-909-7848
Email: Mark@abrasiveblastsupply.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
Delong Equipment
1216 Zonolite Rd
Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: 404-607-1234
Email: sales@delongequipment.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
GNP Ceramics
37 John Glenn Drive
Amherst, NY 14228

Phone: 716-759-6600
Email: ksondel@gnapceramics.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
S.O.T Abrasives & Equipment
10750 Metric Drive
Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: 214-340-0222
Email: jcoleman@sotabrasives.com and jgrider@sotabrasives.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
Stratus Technologies
10 Beaumont Rd. Unit C
Wallingford, CT 06492

Phone: 203-793-1666
Email: stratusorders@surfaceprep.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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Rockridge Abrasives
Surface Preparation Texas
5973 South Loop East
Houston, TX 77033

Phone: 800-374-4043
Email: tfincher@surfaceprep.com and sshoesmith@surfaceprep.com
Web: rockridgeabrasives.com/waterjetcuttingparts

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1400 Pioneer Street
Brea, CA 92821

Phone: 800-336-2946
Email: information@edmperformance.com
Web: edmperformance.com

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AHB Tooling & Machinery, Inc.

15300 Martin Rd
Roseville, MI 48066

Phone: 800-991-4225
Email: customerservice@ahbinc.com
Web: ahbinc.com/

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United Western

6201 E 42nd Ave
Denver, CO 80216

Phone: 303-388-1224
Email: orders@uniwestdenver.com
Web: unitedwesterndenver.com/

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